God’s Gift, for Charles

This is the love story of Wentemi and Charles told through the places important to them and to their story–Portland, Oregon, and surrounding towns; and various places in Ghana, West Africa, where they both have familial roots. Wentemi, meaning “God’s Gift” in Buli, surprised Charles with this collaborative painting for the sweet occasion of their third anniversary. Surprised, he was!

Private Collection of Wentemi Kante and Charles Martey, Owners
Acrylic and graphite
18″ x 24″ x 2″
Completed in February 2016

It was a pleasure of mine to work with Pamela. Pamela and I had many conversations about our love story and the significance of each location in “God’s Gift”. I really appreciate Pamela’s intricate sense of detail. Her knowledge of architecture was special to me because I believed that she was the right artist for our piece. I am so thankful to have this beautiful piece in my home. Thank you for creating a visual piece of our love.

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