We Met At The Bank

This abstract bouquet is the love story of Aze and Paul, who met at “the bank” in downtown Brooklyn, New York, the geometry of which is at the base of the painting serving as its stem and which is nourished by the surrounding rich, earthy dark greens. Progressing up from the stem, the painting expresses the geometry of the most important places of their love story and in their favorite colors, culminating in the heart of the painting which is their home in upstate New York. Aze loves Coco Chanel, who, while developing Chanel No. 5, directed her perfumer to create an abstract bouquet, an apt compositional structure to express the blossoming of Aze and Paul’s love.
Private Collection of ampm, Owners
Acrylic and graphite
18″ x 24″ x 2″
Completed in April 2016

Thank you for making a really cool rendition of all the truly most important places in our lives.  I really love it, especially the way it’s mapped out, which makes it easy to remember each landmark.

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